Space Law

Space Law

Space Law is an exciting new field that has emerged with the expansion of mankind into the atmosphere and beyond. Just as Columbus was eager to reach beyond the borders of the ‘flat world,’ the exploration of space has become more commonplace. Yet with that exploration come the inevitable questions of law, as the problems of earth extend themselves into the heavens.

The field of Space Law is an exciting merger of many fields of law such as torts, contracts, and property. It deals with the rights of many different and often competing or incongruous entities such as government agencies, private companies, and individuals from each of the world’s nations. It addresses, for example, the consequences of accidents in space, the liability for falling debris, the rights and responsibilities of companies as they deploy satellites and surveillance devices, and individual property rights within the borderless area of outer space.

Space law, like maritime and aviation law, is an extension of international law. As such, the foundation of Space Law lies in international treaties, agreements and doctrines that delineate the rights of each affected party. The practical applications of Space Law include:

  • Interpretation and application of Outer Space Treaty and the Declaration of Legal Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space;
  • Litigation to enforce any provided rights;
  • Contract review to ensure compliance with the governing doctrines;
  • Advise and consultations regarding issues such as intellectual property, patents and copyrights, and tax as they apply to the field of Space Law;
  • Reconciliation between outer space treaties and principles of international law;

Space Law is an emerging field, and one that is rapidly changing and developing. This firm is excited about the changes to come during this century, and is dedicated to working closely with entities world wide to provide cutting-edge legal knowledge in this new and exciting field of law.