International Adoption Law

Adding a child to your life through the miracle of adoption is an exciting event; yet for many, the actual process and procedures often seem overwhelming. Our office understands your concerns, and is here to provide you with the professional service to complete your adoption and all related paperwork. In addition to our independent work, we also serve as general counsel with agencies that complete adoptions from Eastern Europe and Guatemala. Please contact us for a referral to one of these qualified agencies. Although our specialty is international adoptions, we are also skilled in providing step-by-step completion of private domestic adoptions throughout California, as well as dispute resolution and litigation for agency-based adoptions.

Our services include:

International Adoption:

  • Assistance with, and preparation and submission of the I-600A to any local CIS office throughout the United States;
  • Assistance with referrals to qualified home study agencies and to qualified agencies that specialize in adoptions from Eastern Europe, Guatemala and other countries;
  • Representation of you and your family before CIS for all phases of the I-600A processing;
  • Assistance with, and preparation and submission of the I-600, and all supporting documentation, to any United States Consulate worldwide;
  • Assistance with classification of a child as an “orphan” under CIS guidelines;
  • Assistance with, and preparation and submission of an I-130, if necessary, as well as complete representation before CIS and/or overseas United States consulates (including processing before the National Visa Center);
  • Appeals before the Administrative Appeals Office;
  • Assistance with and representation before the CIS for Certificates of Citizenship, and the Department of State for passport issues;
  • Expert guidance on the complex Child Citizenship Act of 2000;
  • Assistance with adoption issues surrounding non-immigrants, such as those in the United States on an H-1B or other long-term visas.

Private Domestic Adoption:

  • Completion of all initial paperwork and petitions, as required by the Courts;
  • Assistance with referrals to qualified domestic home study agencies;
  • Liaison work with the San Diego County Health and Human Services Department (and parallel agencies in other California Counties);
  • Preparation of relevant agreements and consent documents which provide for the termination of parental rights and establish post-adoption contact for open and semi-open adoptions;
  • Representation of you and your family before the Courts.

Dispute Resolution:

If you plan to use an agency to complete your adoption, you may want additional legal representation and protection on your side. Our services in this regard include:

  • Contract review and advisement;
  • Dispute resolution, including mediation, negotiation, and litigation;

Our office has personal experience in adoption, and one of our attorneys is an adoptive mother of two wonderful children. We understand the high level of emotions involved in this exciting and life-changing decision, and will be here every step of the way to make the transition to parenthood as seamless as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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